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FREE Virtual Workshop with Lisa Cherney

This FREE virtual workshop is for YOU if you:

  • Struggle to find the perfect words to explain what you do in a succinct and powerful way
  • Dread hearing the question, “So, what do you do?” AND the instant anxiety that comes with it (so much, you actually AVOID networking that could grow your business!)
  • Choose different word combinations every single time you’re asked, continuously searching for the “better” description (which negatively impacts your overall confidence)

When you first meet a prospect, you need to push all the RIGHT buttons, in order for them to know immediately whether or not they need your expertise (or want to refer you to someone who does).

Am I Right?

It’s time to share my secret Juicy 30-Second Intro Formula™ with YOU!

Join me for this workshop and learn:

  • Exactly what it says about you and your business if you CAN’T describe what you do in 30 seconds or less (and how not fixing this problem right now may very well keep your business STUCK in the basement!)
  • lc_elevatorWhy creating just an elevator pitch is a BIG mistake (and could be costing you thousands!) and how crafting a Juicy Introduction is where you want to be
  • How not having a Juicy Introduction directly impacts what you charge for your services (and even more importantly, what people are willing to pay you)
  • Exactly how to create a Juicy 30-Second Introduction™ that pushes ALL the right buttons, so your prospects say, “I need that!” (really – master this, and return from EVERY in-person event, trade show, networking meeting or trip to the store with qualified leads that WILL likely convert to clients!)
  • Why you need at least 3 specific versions of your Juicy Introduction perfected at all times (And how to figure out YOURS!)

Previously reserved only for my clients, I’m now sharing my Juicy 30-Second Introduction™ Formula for FREE – because it really is THAT important!

If you are struggling with choosing the words to perfectly describe the service you provide, in a concise and compelling way, there may be a bigger issue at hand…

… and that’s exactly where I come in.

LC-Green-Top-roundI’m Lisa Cherney, the Juicy Marketing Expert

And I’d like YOU to join me for my FREE Virtual Workshop, “Ditch Your Elevator Pitch & Attract Clients with Your Juicy 30-Second Intro Instead.”

Learn the formula and always have the answer for the million-dollar question, “So, what do you do?”

The ONLY buttons you should be pushing are the RIGHT ones – so you attract qualified leads every time you open your mouth!

Maybe you’re wondering why you should listen to me? Let me tell you a little more about myself …

Over the years, I have worked with iconic brands like AT&T, Nissan and Lipton and at top advertising agencies. I have also personally worked with 1000s of new and experienced business owners from at least 30 different industries. I’m known for my ability to cut through the hype and get to the heart of what my clients uniquely bring to the table. But my greatest accomplishment is having the courage to laser-focus my marketing (which means saying “no” to non-ideal clients) and tripling my income in 2009 while taking off Fridays and Mondays to be a mom. In 2010, Marketing Clarity was my top priority and I doubled my income again to over a half million dollars. And in 2012 I crossed the 7-Figure mark…still working part-time!

With well over 25 years experience, I am dedicated to working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, many of whom have added thousands of dollars in sales after exposure to my groundbreaking Juicy Marketing Systems.

It’s time to ditch the pitch, and create your
perfect, Juicy 30-Second Intro, instead!

The juicy words you need are right there inside you – and I’m here to help you get them out! Now’s your chance to find those words, own what makes you great, and channel those juicy, unique gems directly into your marketing.

Free Workshop with Lisa Cherney

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thumbnail-“What Lisa teaches is essential for EVERY business” “For the last 3 years, Lisa Cherney’s Program has helped many of my VIP mastermind clients get pointed in the right direction quickly by teaching them to identify their ideal client and then to gather the perfect words to attract that client faster and with less effort. What Lisa teaches is essential for EVERY business and the best part is, she teaches it with heart and with the wisdom that comes from having tested it all out over and over again in her own super successful business!” —Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales Conversion,

thumbnail-“Working with Lisa gave me the clarity and confidence to say what I know my clients need to hear so they can find me!” “It was as if the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds. Marketing was a bit of a mystery to me but Lisa’s program gave me the clarity and confidence to say what I know my clients want and need to hear so they can find me. It was all a bit hit and miss before but Lisa is committed to you finding your voice so your ideal client can hear you and her process is both interactive and thorough. I’ve already attracted new clients by only saying just a few of the words that came out of my work with Lisa. If you’re committed to helping your clients by speaking their language and making your marketing easy and natural then don’t hesitate, find a way to work with Lisa Cherney!” —Kay White, Savvy & Influential Communication Expert,

liz-volmer“I have a clear vision of how to move forward!” “Before working with Lisa, I was easily intimidated and felt awkward trying to express my value to others. But now, I’ve become really comfortable with marketing to people in the right way and at the right time. Thanks to Lisa, I feel like I’m finally on flat ground and have a clear vision of how to move forward.” —Liz Volmer, The wind beneath my wings

thumbnail-Lisa was the one to help me breakthrough my thinking and see the value of my expertise. Now I have had several very successful products each grossing over 5-figures. “I have had several very successful products each grossing over 5-figures!” “I was the expert who always needed to read one more book before I could call myself an expert and I think that’s why I really didn’t value selling my knowledge. I had people pushing me to create products and all I could say was, ‘There are plenty of good products out there, what am I going to add to the mix?’ Lisa was the one to help me breakthrough my thinking and see the value of my expertise. Now I’ve had several very successful products each grossing over 5-figures. A big part of working with Lisa was her support when I had angst about this change. If you don’t push through and have a number of people who support you, you’ll just spin your wheels and never reach your big financial goals.” —Michele PW, Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist,

thumbnail- “I’ve already gotten six new Ideal Clients and have tripled my monthly income!” I used to be a person who was really scared of marketing. Now, with Lisa’s program, I feel so connected to it. I now feel pure and beautiful about putting my message out there. Marketing use to overwhelm me and now it feels easy! Amazing things began to happen before I even finished the program; I have a TV interview coming out, another interview with a magazine and I’ve already gotten six new Ideal Clients and have tripled my monthly income! Since working with Lisa, I now have clarity about whom I want to work with and that alone is attracting more and more clients. I have learned to own my value, connect with my brilliance and realize my contribution. Ever since I said, “Yes!” to working with you, it feels like I’ve fallen into God’s arms and I know I’ll be taken care of. Thanks Lisa! —Shalini J. Yamdagni, Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert,